Transmission Lines

» Concept to commissioning Engineering solutions to turnkeys projects of EHV Transmission line.
» Conductor designs and complex mathematical solutions for conductor and earth wires.
» Electrical, Structural & Civil Designs of Transmission Line Towers form 11 kV to 765 kV, including preparing structural drawings, lay-out and Fabrication sketches. Support for proto models and proto testing of Transmission Line Towers.
» Route Survey of EHV transmission lines including profiling and tower spotting, using modern equipment and software.
» Preparation of Tower spotting data with reference to complete final designs.
» Supervision of construction of EHV transmission lines up to 765 kV.
» Design of river crossing section of EHV lines including special tower and their foundations.
» Special foundations for EHV lines & sub stations.
» Advise on soil investigation & pile foundation designs.
» Vendor development (in respect of Electrical Power)
» Shifting of EHV transmission lines.
» Advise on setting up fabrication & galvanizing plants for towers & structures.
» Preparing of specifications for EHV transmission line design & construction.
» Advise on power evacuation schemes.
» Preparation of Sag Template curves, drawing & preparation of Acrylic Sag Template for EHV Transmission lines.
» Preparation of stringing Charts for stringing of conductor and earth wires on EHV Transmission lines up to 765 kV.
» Preparation of documents for construction & testing procedures for EHV lines & their components.
» Quality control inspection of construction of transmission lines, including services as a Project Monitoring Consultants (PCM).
» Third party factory inspection for New Vendors.
» Renovation and modernization (R & M) of old EHV Transmission lines, repairing of tower legs and foundations in live line condition.
» Upgrading & up rating of existing EHV Transmission lines for augmenting the power transmission capacity.
» Advise on running optical fiber network on electric poles and transmission line towers.
» Power flow and system studies and network analysis for grid network for increasing power and also for internal power systems of big industries.
» Tower footing Resistance measurement of EHV transmission line towers.
» Audit of existing transmission lines, assessment of residual life and recommendation for life extension.
» Attending to trouble shooting and emergency restoration in existing lines up to 765 kV
» Temporary / Permanent diversion of EHV Transmission Lines for Railway / Road construction.