About Us

Takalkar Power Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is founded on 1st April 2010. The parent Company called "Power Consultants & Agencies", was established on 1st April 2006. The main aim of Takalkar Power Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is to provide quality Consultancy, Design, Engineering & Supervision services in the power sector globally. The focus of the company is on quality and timely services to the clients who are in need of power engineering services without any encumbrance of a permanent Engineering setup in their establishment.
The Technical Director of the company Er S M Takalkar is one of the leading Power Engineering Personality in India, with a rich experience of more than 48 years in the field of Distribution of Power, Transmission of Power & Hydro Power Generation. In addition to Er. S M Takalkar, the company enjoys an association of large number of full time and Chartered Associates who are available all the time for any assignment related to Power sector. The services provided by the company revolve round the following.
» Civil, Electrical & Structural Design of L.V, H.V & EHV Switch yards/ Transmission Lines/ Distribution Lines.
» Equipment Specifications for Switchyard & Transmission/Distribution Lines. Training in EHV Lines & Sub-stations.
» Supervision of Construction of Switch yards & Transmission/ Distribution Lines & Hydro Electric Projects.
» Preparation of Project Report for Electrical installation, Switch yard Transmission/Distribution lines. Power evacuation schemes etc.
» High/ Extra-high Voltage Transmission line Survey & Estimation Work, including pre-bid support.
» Design of Electrical Installation for various Hydro Electric Projects. Industrial installations including Bio-Gas Projects.
» Design and Engineering for power evacuation lines and substations for Hydro, Thermal, Wind, Solar & Bio-gas Power Plants.
» Engineering and Safety Audit of Transmission lines and substations and Industrial and other Electrical Installations.
» Project Monitoring Consultancy (PMC) services for Hydro power, Substations and Transmission / Distribution Lines.
» Engineering Management and Engineering Audit.
» System Study for expansion of network, power injection in Grid and for industrial installation.
» Uprating , up-gradation , Renovation & Modernisation (R&M) of existing lines and substations.
» Pre – bid Engineering services for Power Projects.