Sub Stations

» Concept to commissioning Engineering solutions to turnkeys projects of EHV sub stations.
» Complete designing and engineering of substation which includes SLD, Plan, Elevation, Earthing design, Illumination, Cabling schedule, Protection system, Relay Setting and Relay Co-ordination, SCADA system, Equipment sizing calculation, fault level calculation, CT sizing calculation, bus bar sizing calculation, short circuit force calculation, lightning protection design, air-conditioning system, structural & civil designs of all the structures, road & culvert design, storm water drain, gate & fence design, Water & Sewage system, Control Building and Control Room Design and drawing including trenches, placement of panels, offices ,layout of smoke detectors, fire sensors and alarms, air conditioning split/ window units, internal electrification, sanitation etc. Fire protection for transformers, Hydrant system for switch yard
» Special foundations for sub stations.
» Supervision construction of sub stations.
» Vendor development (in respect of Electrical Power).
» Preparing of specification for Substation equipment & construction thereof.
» Quality control inspection of construction of substation.
» Third party factory inspection for New Vendors.
» Assistance in testing of Electrical equipment and relays at site and in the modern NABL laboratories.
» Retrofitting of substation equipment.
» Advice on Power Transformer repairs.
» Advice on operation & maintenance of EHV sub stations.
» Power flow and system studies and network analysis.
» Addition/Alternation or R & M in EHV sub stations.
» Preparation of BOQ for sub stations up to 765 kV.
» Residual Life Assessment (RLA) of substation extension, including Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of structures.
» GIS Substation Balance of Plants (BOP) equipment testing.
» Design of compact substations including Hybrid Substations.