Power Plants

» Third party Factory Inspection for New Vendors.
» Power flow and system studies and network analysis.
» Earth resistivity measurements and Earth mat /earthing system design for sub stations, industrial plants and Hazardous liquid tank farm.
» Design, Engineering & Consultancy services for Power plant, Switch yard/Pot yard (HV & EHV).
» Preparation of Feasibility Project Report (FPR) for power evacuation, including Transmission Line rout survey
» Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for power evacuation, including all calculations and BOM.
» Preparation of Technical Specifications for Power Evacuation System.
» Evaluation of EPC Contractors.
» Consultancy Services for Greenfield Power Plant Projects.
» Project monitoring of the complete project up to commissioning.
» PPA facilitations.
» Supply Chain facilitation.