1. Consultancy Services for Design & Engineering of 138 kV Single Circuit Towers & 138 kV Double Circuit towers
2. Consultancy Services for Design & Engineering for 3 nos. 220 kV Sub-Stations at Kawardha, Dharsiwa & Dherdehi of M/s Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Co. Ltd.
3. Safety Consultant For 400 Kv D/C Suratgarh-Bikaner Transmission Project
4. Survey for Modification of 400kV DC Transmission Line of TRN Energy Pvt. Ltd. for railway line crossing
5. Supervision of installation and stringing of the HTLS conductor including its clamp fittings and accessories in Hyderabad
6. Design calculation of 33 kV S/C Transmission Line Tower
7. Health Assessment of earthing pits.
8. Survey,Design and Engineering of 88 kV Transmission line in Zambia
9. Design calculation of 33 kV D/C Transmission Line Towers
10. Safety Consultancy
11. Design of Mono, lactic pole or H frame for 11Kv/33Kv and 66Kv for transmission and distribution of Electrical lines, for all circuits
12. SOLU corridor 132 kV Transmission line Project- 132 kV Transmission line between MIRCHAIYA and TINGLA Design of Towers, Body Extensions, Leg Extesions & Foundations.
13. Detailed Survey & Design of 220 kV Double circuit cable Termination Tower (Special Tower) & its foundation as per PGCIL specification
14. Relocation/modification of multi-circuit towers infringing the proposed Metro-2A & Metro-7A routes
15. Preparation of Detailed Design, Structural Drawing, BOM, Preparation of Fabrication Sketches, Tower Spotting data, Sag Template Curve & Sag Tension Calculation
16. Bharat Aluminium Company Limited
17. 66 kV D/C Mora AHPPL/HLPL transmission line
18. Providing Services of Consultant Protection Engineer
19. Consultancy services for System Study of 220 kV Switchyard for Phase-III B Project
20. Appointment for Engineering Consultant to act as a owners's Engineer for the work of diversion of two Numbers of 220 kV D/C Transmission line at four Different crossing point near village Agwan by Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (D
21. Power System Connectivity - 132kV and 33 kV
22. Faculty of Technology & Engineering ( Maharaja Sayajorao University of Baroda)
23. Tender for appointment of Safety consultant for devlopment of 400 kV Satpura Astha DCDS Transmission line through PPP mode