1. Mesh Earthing for 220/66KV Ringanwada Sub-Station ,Daman.
2. Fdxgchvjb
3. Tower Design calculation of 11Kv Single Circuit Tower with 250mtr Span & suitable for Wolf conductor
4. Foundation Design calculation of 33 kV D/C Transmission Line Tower in 355 Meter span
5. Site vist and preparation of report and Foundation Design
6. GETCO 66KV SBB PASS and Isolator Foundation Design And Drawing 2 Plat Form for GETCO Santej Project
7. Consultancy services for preparation of preliminary report for protection of 400 kV DC transmission line Tower in Sarswati river near Mahesana
8. Technical vetting of the offers received for proposed transmission line at Zawar mines
9. GETCO 66KV SBB PASS and Isolator Foundation Design And Drawing 2 Plat Form for GETCO Santej Project
10. Analysis of tower failure at Mulund & Report & Sag Template Drawing and Template
11. Sag and tensions Calculation by using PLS CADD for ACCFCC Conductor in two different span lengths (225 m & 325 m) and different wind pressure.
12. Consultancy services for preparation of preliminary report for protection of 400 kV DC transmission line Tower in Sarswati river near Mahesana
13. Site visit & Preliminary report on various methods for stabilizing the damaged tower including drawing, estimation & procedure.
14. Consultancy services for inspection of tower Foundation of 66 kV Khavda to 66 kV Vinghakot line total 179 Locations under Anjar tr Circle
15. Check Survey for 66 kV S/C & D/C Transmission line from Selda to Omkareshwar Dam (5Days)
16. Design & Engineering for 33 kV Multi Circuit 'D' type Tower including foundation design for Uttrakhand Transmiosn line
17. Structure bearing capacity, loading calculation & Foundation Design/Drawing for 220 kV Column & Beam.
18. Detailed Design Engineering work for 66/33, kV 2x20x25MVA Substation at Maliya, (Gujarat)
19. Foundation Quantity for 220/132/ 33KV Sub Station at Dharsiwa ( Kuthrel) and for 220/132/ 33KV Sub Station at Kawardha at Chhattisgarh
20. Two days training on Tranmission Project at Ahmedabad
21. Consultancy services for Design & Engineering of 220 KV Gantry and Foundation
22. 66kV SBB PASS Civil foundation design & drg. for Dhandhuka SS
23. Calculation of tower weight for 230 kV DC Transmission Tower type
24. Survey,Design and Engineering of 110 kV Transmission line in Rwanda)
25. Calculation in PLS CADD for Sag and Tension
26. Sag tension in PLSCADD for Conductor
27. Design calculation of 33 kV Cable Termination Tower
28. Design calculation of 33 kV Cable Termination Tower
29. Foundation Design for 33 kV DC Dead end Tower
30. Preliminary survey of 400 kV EHV transmission line
31. Validation of 33 kV Tower
32. Torsional capacity of 33 kV Poles for 0-2, 0-15 dead end
33. 33 kV Pole loadings for 0-2, 0-15 dead end
34. Foundation Design/Drawings of 33 kVDC Tower for 250Mt., 300Mt. & 350 Mt. Span
35. Structural drawing for outdoor cable end termination
36. Preparation & submission of design document of towers and its foundation for 33kv and 11kv transmission line for nabinagar and suratgarh project
37. Site visit for Indopak Border lighting line rectification - preparation of Site Visit Report
38. Design of Plie Foundation for 400 kV D/C Tower(DD+9)
39. Prebid Design and Weight and Foundation Volume of 3 Nos of 11 kV S/C tower and 3 Nos of 11 kV D/C Towers for Dubai project.
40. Tower Design Verification
41. GPS based survey for 66 KV line
42. Ground profile for 400 kV D/C Mauda- II -Betul Transmission Line
43. Stringing Charts for 765 KV DC Hyderabad To Wardha Transmission Line
44. G I Lattice Tower Foundation Design and Load Calculation
45. Fabrication sketches for HZL Vedanta Project
46. Expert detail calculation for 10 MVA transformer
47. Preliminary design & BOQ evaluation for 400kV suspension tower
48. Study of Feeder load diversion & conductor upgradation
49. Consultancy Services for tower & line pole strengthening Design.
50. Inspection of proto for Philippines
51. Evaluation of Torshional Capacity of Concrete Pole for 132 kV
52. Consultancy services for ERSS & NRSS projects
53. Design of 33 kV D/C Cable termination Tower
54. Design of 33 kV D/C Tower
55. Preparation of Tower Profile of 400 KV at Surat - Gandhar Line
56. Design Basic & Detailed Engineering for Civil & Structural Works for 33 kV Double Circuit and 33 kV Multi Circuit Taransmission lines with Stubs
57. Design of Special 220 KV Cable Termination Tower
58. Training for Maintenance and Construction of Transmission Lines.
59. Consultancy services for recommendations and Design of new shed.
60. Design & Engineering of Pile Foundations for 220 kV DC Tower Transmission Line in Uganda
61. Preparation of Structural Drawing and fabrication sketches for 500 kV Tower for Philippines project.
62. Load withstand capacity calculation
63. Consultancy services for Prebid Design for 132 kV Double Circuit aTransmission line Tower for oman Tender.
64. Civil foundation for 245 kV CT
65. Detailed Survey of 132 kV D/C Tr. Line fron SV Power to SCPL & SC Power to ACBIL
66. Design Work - Civil & Structural for MSUMAL: Pali
67. Design of Transmission line Tower for 66 kV S/C And D/C Transmission line - Selda NTPC
68. Consultancy services for review of 400 kV and 220 kV D/C Tranmsmission line tower design for DGEN Project
69. Training program for Operation & Maintenance of Transmission Lines
70. Stringing chart
71. Detailed and Cadastral Survey of 66 kV S/C Transmission Line from NTPC Shelda to Omkareshwar Dam.
72. Consultancy for modidification of broad base tower into narrow base. Location No.SS 272 in new Golden nest area of Bhayander (East)
73. Preparation of report for all type of foundations for 132/33 kV Rajur SS
74. Training
75. Sag tension & Sag chart for ACSS ZEBRA Conductor
76. Preliminary Survey of 132 kV D/C Tr. Line from SV Power to SCPL & SC Power to ACBIL
77. Lightning protection system study for switchyard TPP-Cement plant
78. Lightning protection system study for switchyard GCW plant
79. Validation of 220 kV Multi Circuit multi Voltage tower as per actual Site Condition of proposed narrow base tower of LS line in MBMC area.
80. Design /Drawing of 22 kv support structure (Isolator)
81. Calculation of maximum short circuit current (kA) at 0.5sec
82. Design Calculation of STACIR Conductor & Sag Tension calculation in PLS-CADD
83. Load withstand capacity calculation for 33 kV Double pole and Single pole
84. Validation of 220 kV D/C Tower Design with Additional Load of 132 kV LA and Cable termination and Additional Cross Arm.
85. Design /Drawing of 66kv support structure (Isolator)
86. Preparation of Structural Drawing
87. Design of 33 kV D/C Transmission line tower
88. Isolator (earth switch) foundation design and drawing at 66kv SUVA Substation
89. GSFC Vadodara : 11kV Capacitor installation system _Foundation Design
90. 66 kV Structure design and Structural Drawing of Breaker including BOM, (IFFCO tender)
91. Pre Bid Engineering / Design of 132/220 kV GIS at Charor
92. Pre bid Design and Engineering for Malawi project
93. Pre Bid Design & Engineering of 220 kV Chimtala Substation in Afghanistan
94. Pre Bid Design & Engineering of 110 kV Sairobi Substaion in Afghanistan
95. Validation of Design & Engineering of 220 kV MC Tower (GETCO Manjuvas)
96. Fabrication sketches of 220 KV M/C reliance design (MBMC) Tower
97. Validation of Design & Engineering of 230 kV and 132 kV Tower for Bheramara Project.
98. Pre bid Design and Engineering for 66/11 kV SHP Substation
99. Structure Design calulation / Drawing for 132 kV CT
100. Prebid Design of 138 kV S/C Tower Structural Design ( 9 types of towers)
101. Sag Tension chart & base calculation
102. Inspection / Audit of 220 KV & 66 kV Transmission line
103. Checking of existing tower loadings of 220 kV M/C Tower & compare with new loadings with additional cross arms
104. Design and Drawing for 33 kV River crossing Double circuit Transmission line Tower.
105. Preparation of Stringing chart for 400kV D/C MAUDA-BETUL
106. Preparation of Stringing chart for 400 kV Transmission line (Betul-Khandwa) .
107. SCF calculation
108. Tower spotting details for AL 59 PANTHER Conductor for 66 kV Tr. Line
109. Consultancy services for Design and Drawing for 33 kV Single Circuit and Double circuit Transmission line Tower.
110. Special Type of Foundation (Trestle Foundation) for 132 kV SC Tower
111. Calculation of creep curves & values
112. Validation of 66 kV M/C Tower with Extra Supporting Angle
113. GETCO Vadodara: 245kV -66kV PASS Installation _Foundation Design
114. Preparation of Stringing chart & Maintance Manual for 132 kV Transmission line
115. Consultancy services for Detailed Survey for 400 kV D/C and 220 kV D/C Transmission line from DGEN TPS to Vadodara.
116. Foundation Design/Drawings of all Equipment for 33 kV SS IOCL Project.
117. Offer for Consultancy services for Structural Drawing, Fabrication sketches for 220 kV DC Tower and Structural Design, Drawing, Fabrication sketches and Foundation Design/Drawing for 132 kV End Termination Structure for GETCO project
118. Consultancy Services for BOQ for 33 kV New ubstation, 33 kV Bay Extension and 33 kV Transmission line BOQ for 33 kV for KEEZHARKUTHU Project
119. Consultancy Services for Design of Tower Modification for Up gradation of 66 KV Vinzol-Jamalpur line to 132 KV Line.
120. Design of 220 kV Double Circuit Cable Termination Tower (Special Tower) and its foundation for MSETSL's Baramati Project
121. Design of 33 kV D/C Tower Design, Foundation, Design of 33 kV Gantry for D/C line and Supervision for HZL, Vedanta.
122. Civil Consultancy Service to Behramara Bangladesh
123. Design of Overhead Lines between Powerhouse and 550kV Switchyard
124. Design & Engineering of 220 kV end termination structure for Switchyard end for CCI GETCO project
125. Design, Engineering and Consultancy for Structural Drawing and Fabrication sketches for 220 kV Multi Circuit Tower with New Design as per GETCO's Approval.
126. Consultancy Services for Design and Engineering for Electrical & Mechanical work for Ukai High Level Canal
127. Consultancy services for Detail Designing & shifting of Reliance's terminated Pylons at Aaray colony for MML-3
128. Design and Detail Engineering works for 220kV/33kV , 3x100 MVA station at Devikot, Rajasthan wind farm Substation
129. Design and Engineering for 33 kV Gantry & Bus bar structure.
130. 132 kV Shree Cements , Bulandshear UP Project
131. Hindustan Zinc Limited
132. Consultancy services required for Feasibility study for Preliminary report of 11 kV power distribution system from CPP MRSS to RD Mines 11 KV Board-HZL
133. Consultancy Services for Validation of Civil Foundations for 765 kV D/C Tuticorin-Salem Transmission Line Part-1 & 2
134. Proposal and cost estimates for a 66KV /11KV 10MVA substation here in Nairobi
135. Structural Consultancy for 33kV Neutral Grounding Reactor
136. Structural Design, Drawing for 400 kV Tower Type A , for 400 kV D/C transmission line from DGEN TPS to Vadodara Project.
137. Design of Tower Modification for Up gradation of 66KV Jamalpur-Pirana Line into 132KV Line and Modification for Up gradation of 66 kV Vasna-Pirana into 132KV Line.
138. Consultancy services for Survey & Design of for 400kV Potyard Equipment Structure
139. Engg. consultancy for Modification of broad base 220 kV DC towers into narrow base.
140. Structural Consultancy at Bheramara, Bangladesh for 132kV Substation & for 230 kV Substation
141. Technical Audit of 33kV OHL & U/G cable for Mangla EOR Project
142. Validation of design of 220 kV D/C DD & DB Tower
143. Consultancy services for approvals from PGCIL for transmission towerparts
144. Survey & Soil investigation for NPCIL project.
145. Preparation of ground profile for the Divearsion of PGCIL 400 kv Tr.line passing through ACB(India) LTd.
146. Consultancy services of Third Party Inspection for Chambal Mini Hydel Project ( 3 x 0.60 MW) - near Sabalgarh, Dist. Morena , MP
147. Tower Structural Design and Drawing for Cable termination Tower for 33 kV Multi circuit Transmission line.
148. Pre Bid design of new substation 225/90/33 kV at Nouadhibou (West Africa) & 90/15 kV substation at Nouadhibou
149. Training program for Tata Power on Design, Engineering & Construction of EHV Transmission Line
150. Preparation of Design calculation of the Structural Drawing no. 4180/R3 of 132kV CT/PT.
151. Training of their site staff along with Supervision/technical support
152. Advice on restoration of Tower no. 147 on 220 kV D/C Transmission line near Vaitarna river, damage due to flood.
153. Engineering & BOQ generation of 132 kV SW
154. Electrical Installation-Plant Safety Survey
155. Electrical Installation-Plant Safety Survey
156. Creep calculation for PGCIL Tender
157. Survey , Design & engineering for Re-routing of existing 66 kV Tr. Line
158. Design of Cross arm
159. Feasibility study for construction of Transmission Line for Coal Block.
160. Dholera SIR - DMICDC, Consultancy services for pre bid engineering for preparation of Smart Grid for Dholera Special Investment Region under the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project.
161. Foundation Design/ Drawing for +9 M extn for 220 kV M/C Line
162. Review and Vetting of 400kV Tower type DD+35M Designs (Raigarh)
163. Pre bid design of 220 kV Single circuiit & double circuit tower ( Line diagram, tower weight, BOM, loading tree)
164. Preparation of Stringing Chart of 765 kV Line
165. Preparation of Stringing Charts for 765 kV D/C Beed- Aurangabad Transmission Line.
166. Inspection of 630 mm 3 core cable.
167. Presentation for use of ACSS Panther on 132 kV DC Towers of MPPTCL, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.
168. Preparation of ground profile for 400 kv Tr.line
169. Electrical parameters of conductors
170. Consultancy services for structural Design calculation for 33 kV for 2 x 4 MW hydro project for NTPC
171. Design, Engineering for BOQ Generation of Transmission Line (230KV & 132KV) for Bheramara 360 MW Power Plant Project, Bangladesh.
172. Continuous supervision work of 132kV D/C Sagna Kutus Tr. Line (25kM) at Nairobi, Kenya.
173. Pre-bid survey for 110 kV Cable laying for Kochi Metro rail.
174. Preparation of Strut Stability & span length of 33 kV SCOH Dog Line
175. 33 kV MC Tower
176. Design stability of the Structure for 115 kV Isolators
177. Parmanent rectification work for 220kV line in Tamilnadu.
178. Consultancy services
179. Supervision work BALCO-Korba
180. Checking feasibility of proposed line modification work.
181. Design and Engineering of 66 kV S/C Tower for NTPC Lara Project
182. Detailed survey of 66 kV single circuit transmission line for NTPC Lara Project
183. Designing of Tower Foundation for 220 kV M/C Tower for Varsana Bhadreshwar Line
184. Pre-bid Consultancy
185. Inspection of Transformer
186. Strucutral drawing and fabrication sketches of 400 kV Gantry
187. Pre Bid Consultancy services for project costing and Report
188. Authenticating preliminary survey report & Pre Bid Consultancy services for project costing and Report.
189. Authenticating preliminary survey report for DGEN-Vadodara 400 kV transmission line & Navsari - Bhestan 220 kV transmission line
190. Facilitating testing of vibration damper, Development of clamp, Preparation of specifications & design
191. BOQ of 400 kV Towers- RRVPNL
192. Design of GIS Sub-Station
193. GPS Survey
195. Stringing chart
196. 33 kV OHL
197. Design of ISO Structure
198. Supervision of Tr. Line Foundation Activity
199. Survey of 66 kV Tr. Line
200. Design of Towers
201. 66 kV GIS S/S at Bhalka, Veraval,
202. System Strengthning for import of power from Easter Region
203. Structure and Civil Design
204. Preparation Stringing chart
205. Structural Designs, Drawings & Foundation Designs for 400kV LILO
206. Prebid design & Engg
207. System Strengthning
208. Design Validation of Tower
209. IIT Pawai
210. Consultancy services for preparation of proposal for interim connectivity for MCCPL Thermal Power Plant.
211. Pre Tender Survey of 132 kV S/C Meja to Bijaura Tr. Line.
212. 33 kV D/C Tower Structural drg./Fab sketches/foundation design
213. Consultancy services for erection of 400 kV D/C Tr. Line
214. Design verification and foundation design
215. Evacuation System Study for 300 MW Power Generation
216. Training
217. Report On damage T Conductor
218. Lecture
219. Consultancy - Design - Engg 33 kV Tower
220. Consultancy services for Waghot Switchyard
221. 33/6.6 kV 12.5 MVA outdoor switchyard
222. Stringing chart for Sa Fa Project
223. Technical audit of the 33kV OHL at Aishwariya Facility
224. Civil Foundation Design
225. Design of 132 kV Add. Cross Arm for Tower
226. Structural drg./BOM Tension tower Dodsal make
227. Supervision
228. Consultancy - 66 kV Tower
229. Sag Template
230. Safety Supervision
231. Design & drawing for 220kV 1600A DBCR Tandem type Isolator
232. Design of new M/C, EKD, drg. Foundation
233. Design, Structural drawing for 400 kV Wave Trap
234. Shifting of 220 kV Tr. line
235. 400kV Type D and D+6 Extension Structural drwings
236. Replacement of conductor
237. Structural Engineering of 33kV Pole Structures.
238. 132 kV S/C Tower
239. Stringing charts
240. Strengthening of existing 400 kV tower
241. Ford India Pvt.Ltd.
242. Pre Bid designing
243. Design Validation
244. 33 kV D/C Overhead Line
245. 220kV 1600A DBCR Tandem type Isolator
246. Sterlite Energy Ltd.
247. Narrow base Tower 220 kV MCMV tower of R-Infra at Mira - Bhayander-Ghodbunder
248. Electrical Engineering Consultancy Service
249. Design, structural drawing and febrication Sketches
250. 33 kV D/C Tr. Line in Chhatisgarh
251. Design Calculation of 66kV CT/PT Structure
252. 400kV two tier Gantry design
253. Pre bid design & Engineering services
254. Design & drawing for 11/33 kV Pole
255. Design and engineering
256. 400 kV D/C Biharsharif - Purnia Transmission Line - ENICL Projects
257. Preparation of Tender purpose BOQ
258. 220 kV/66 kV Lunawada Substation
259. 220/132 kV Barisal Substation in Bangladesh
260. Pre Bid Design of 220 kV S/S
261. 220 kV Column and Beam
262. Installing additional OHL line
263. Pre-bid illumination Bill of Quantity for proposed 400/220 kV Jodhpur (New) & Bhadla Substations
264. training on construction of transmission line and substation
265. LA, Cable & CT fixing arrangement
266. Retainership (One year)
267. Training
268. Consultancy services for towers
269. Foundation of 33 kV dead end tower in River - Kuwait
270. Design Calculation of Trestle with Pile for 66 kV Tower.
271. Pre bid engineering & design support
272. Pre-bid work
273. Third Party Audit for Bhagyam 33kV OHL
274. Survey for shifting of Tata Power EHV line
275. Inspection of Existing Tata Power Line passing through BSL premises & Nuclus Steel
276. Detailed Survey for 110kV D/C Transmission Line
277. 110kV Loop in Loop out (LILO)
278. Republic of Guinea
279. Profile for Shifting of 220 kV line
280. Tower Design and Foundation of TCN Nigeria
281. Earthwire Diamond arrangement
282. Design, Engineering & Supervision of Switchyard
283. Jaipur BOOM Project
284. Certification of 400kVD/C Transmission Line
285. Certification of 400kVD/C Transmission Line
286. Testing & Commissioning of Capacitor Bank
287. Solar Power Pannel Structure
288. Radar Tower
289. Installation of 11kV Capacitor Bank
290. BOQ for Civil & Electrical Design for 2 Nos. 66/11 kV Substation
291. Design & Engineering of 66/11kV Switchyard
292. BALCO
293. Loading calculation
294. Foundation Design
295. Sag Template
296. Safety Supervision
297. Structure Design Calculation
298. 33kV Pole Structures
299. 132 kV S/C Tower
300. RRVPNL 400kV TL
301. Design engineering for 220 kV switch yard - Ford India Pvt.Ltd.
302. Pre-bid Designing of Switch-yard
303. Stringing chart
304. Design of a special Narrow base Tower
305. 66kV Switchyard
306. 220/132kV Substation
307. Feasibility Study & Survey for Over Head Transmission Line
308. 400kV Two Tier Gantry
309. 765kV D/C Transmission Line
310. 220/33kV Substation
311. Uprating of 66kV Line to 132kV Line
312. Prebid Engineering
313. 33kV Line Audit
314. Hard Rock Foundation
315. 220kV Special Tower
316. 66kV Switchyard, Mundra
317. Pile Foundation of 400kV D/C Tower
318. Testing & Commissioning
319. Radar Tower
320. Shifting of Line
321. Use of High Temperature Low Sag Conductor in Transmission Line
322. Windfarm Project
323. System Study of 1500MW TPP
324. Pile Foundation of 66kV Tower
325. Shifting of 220kV Line
326. 66kV Equipment Support Structure
327. 220kV Switchyard
328. O & M Manual for 400kV D/C Line
329. Earthwire Diamond Arrangment
330. Training on 220kV Transmission Project Work
331. Structural Engineering of Beams & Stools for Transportation
332. Tapping of 220kV Line
333. Feasibility Report on 400kV LILO Line
334. 110kV Transmission line
335. 110kV LILO Tower
336. Cost Estimation of 400/220kV SS
337. Cost Estimation of 66kV Switchyard
338. Upgrading of Line & Retrofitting of Substations
339. Certification of Line Profile
340. Training on Construction of Line
341. Cost Estimation of 66/22kV & 66/11kV Switchyard
342. 220kV Switchyrad Structures
343. Illumination of 220/66kV Substation
344. Solar Panel
345. 220kV LILO Tower
346. Joint Inspection of Trnamission Line
347. 765kV S/C Towers
348. 33kV DE Tower Foundation
349. Project Management & Supervision of Construction work for 11kV Capacitor Bank
350. 66/11kV Substation Estimation
351. 400kV D/C Transmission Line
352. 765kV D/C Towers
353. Special Foundation for 400kV +25M Towers
354. Special Foundation for 400kV +25M Towers
355. 33kV S/C Dead End Tower
356. 132/33 kV Substation, Nigeria
357. 132kV Switchyard, Shimla
358. Pile Design of 400kV Towers
359. Feasibility Report on LILO of 400kV Line
360. 66kV Transmission Line, Mundra
361. RLA Audit of 220kV Line
362. 400kV D/C Twin Moose Towers
363. Pile Foundation
364. 132kV Transmission Line
365. 765kV S/C Towers
366. 220kV LILO Line
367. 161kV S/C & D/C Towers
368. Pile Foundation of 400kV Towers
369. 400kV D/C Quad Moose Line
370. Protection of Trnamission Towers
371. Feasibility Study of 220kV Transmission N/W of Inga HEP
372. Civil Designing of 220kV D/C Line, Balco
373. 120kV Switchyard & Tapping Arrangement, Congo
374. 66kV Switchyard, Sterling SEZ
375. 33kV Transmission Line Audit
376. Feasibility Report on Construction of 230kV Line
377. 220kV LILO for Boisar Borivali Line
378. Use of High Temperature Low Sag Conductor in Transmission Line
379. 66kV Tower Extensions
380. Electrical Substation Safety Audit
381. Tapping of 220kV M/C Line
382. 66kV Viramgam SS
383. Use of High Temperature Low Sag Conductor in 400kV Lines
384. 66kV Switchyard
385. Shrinagar HEP Project
386. Teesta HEP Project
387. 400kV D/C Line
388. 400kV Tower Extensions
389. Transient Study Stability & Relay Co-ordination
390. Supervision of Construction of 400kV Line
391. Supervision of Stringing & Erection of 400kV Line
392. Feasibility Study of Power Evacuation
393. Koteshwar HEP Project
394. 132kV & 33kV Civil & Structure
395. 66kV D/C Damanganga - Motapondha Line
396. Subhansiri HEP Project
397. 400kV D/C Quad AAAC Moose Towers
398. 400kV D/C Quad AAAC Moose Towers
399. 400kv Switchyard Structures
400. 66kV LILO Line
401. 66kV Terminal Tower
402. 220kV GIS Extension
404. Testing & Commissioning of Capacitor Bank & associated equipment of PKG-1, Pkg-2 & PKG 3
405. Transrail
406. Rohini
407. Kumar
408. Kalptaru
409. Jyoit engg.
410. Shreem
411. Ecoman
412. Kec
413. Jyoti
414. Apar-II
415. Apar-1
416. 33kV Transmission